Pride x r/LGBT Reddit Talk: Introductions

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Pride x r/LGBT Reddit Talk: Introductions


REDDIT TALK BONUS EPISODE: Each week on PRIDE, we share stories by and for the LGBTQ+ community where we unearth overlooked queer history, celebrate community change-makers, and share stories of our collective trials and triumphs. The best part of the PRIDE podcast is the diverse community of queer people and allies who have supported, shared, and been a part of these inclusive conversations. That’s why I’m so excited for our PRIDE family to grow even more by partnering with Reddit’s subreddit r/lgbt for live weekly Reddit Talks recapping our episodes and providing a platform for listeners and Redditors alike to ask questions and engage with other LGBTQ+ people.

Please enjoy this recording from our first, introductory chat with the r/lgbt community. We invite you to join live future talks by following r/lgbt, and we will continue to share recordings of talks as they become available.

We're proud to have you.

High Pride listeners. Leave I here with an exciting announcement. You may have heard that pride recently partnered with the Subreddit ur slash lgbt to host live reddit talks where listeners and redditors can ask me questions about the latest episodes and share their stories and insights with our community. All these reddit talks are recorded and we'll be shared on our podcast feed between regular episodes for folks who may have missed the live talk. Today, I'm excited to share prides first ever reddit talk on our slash lgbt, where I introduced myself to the community and then open the floor for questions and comments. We also talked a lot about pirates. To listen to future reddit talks live, please visit reddit dot com slash our slash LGBT and subscribe to our community first. I'm really glad that we were able to set this up as kind of this, I should say, collaboration between the pride podcasts and media and all the great work you do here. For everyone listening that doesn't know, my name is the by chambers. I'm I'm the host of the pride podcast for Straw hot media and we've been we've been podcasting now and telling queer stories for two years almost. I think we have close two hundred episodes, if not a hundred episodes, and it's been a really great ride because it's given me the opportunity to connect with so many queer people from all over the world and to really tell stories in an authentic way. If you had to pick one of your previous podcasts as like a favorite or as one that you really like, what would it be and why? I do love history in general to watch a lot of history channel. My favorite episode was our episode on Queer Pirates during the golden age of piracy. We Um the historian. She actually came. This was we recorded it twice. We did a couple of versions of it, but one of them was done right before the pandemic. We were in studio. It was really awesome. Dr Rebecca Signmon came in and basically told me the story of...

...several queer pirates who kind of rose to infamy. Is there anything in particular remembl from that podcast? Surprisingly, I think, because people want to fantasize about like black sales right, which is kind of like a sexier version. There was something amazing about queer women kind of slightly dominating piracy because they would pose as men and essentially be really ruthless. I mean she told this great story about Um. It was with Ann Bonnie and Mary read. They were kind of hooking up with a pirate who was a man, but it was really just so that no one thought anything about them being together. And when he and I don't want to get this wrong, but when he was essentially hanged for being a pirate, he actually asked to see one of them before he died and when he saw her, she came down and we're just gonna like to paint to a picture, like sure, they're in this very like damp, Dank like dungeon, is where he was held, and when they went down he was expressing how fearful he was to be hanged and to die and that he had lived like a bad life, and she essentially said you lived your life like a dog and now you'll die like one, and that was it. And then she might dropped and left and was like bye, see, yeah, sorry, sex to second gonna go back to pirating. And I just found something so amazing about these queer women that were like I'm not going to sit here and be like it's okay, you'll be fine. Nope, you live the bad. Bye deuces. I mean I just loved it. I loved how ruthless they were and that it was surprising that it's like some of the most peered pirates were women. No one knows that you've had a lot of guests on our podcasts. Do you have any particularly favorite guests on there? There I think there was like there's like two buckets right. There's people that you meet that you are just so blown away by them, by their story, by their charisma, by something about them that really it's like the sparkle, if that makes sense. Um, I can think of a few. I I felt that way strongly when I had Addison Rose Vincent on the PODCAST, who is a non binary activist, and they're they're amazing and the way they told their story to me was really moving and I...

...think I cried during that interview. I'm not certain, but that episode is still up. I loved meeting them and they're not necessarily famous in the traditional way, but they are famous to be there. and Um, I also really enjoyed talking to Carson Tuler, who is a queer advocate as well as a disability advocate and you call him on instagram. History was also really moving, the way he told it, the way he talked about grief, and he also had a lot of battles with Um. He was raised Mormon, so there was a lot of conflict that he had to resolve and hearing him work through it and him explaining how he did it was incredible. That interview was also great. And then in terms of like you know, people who moments where you're like, oh my gosh, you are exactly who I thought you would be. I loved Cassandra Peterson, who is Elvira the Halloween basically for all of October, Cassandra transforms into Elvira and I think the mistress of the dark right, and I loved meeting her talking to her. She was wonderful. And then also I loved Raven Samaine and her wife Mirandam a day. So those two were both like, I mean, those are like more I guess you see traditional stars, but they were also people who brought a lot of heart and a lot of prisma and they had great stories and I think that's super important as opposed to just being famous. Hey, Dan, you've been scrolling thro the comments. Is there anything in particular you think came up while we were talking? Yeah, there's been some great comments in here. It's it's been pretty busy in here, but there's a lot of talk about the pirates. Um. I think that's always a great bit of Queer history and just lots of people enjoying the pirate history. Seems like we got someone. What's been one to seven? Hello, what's up? Everybody just dropped by to say hope everyone's having a great bride month and just say hello you too. Hello. Okay, back troy. Sorry, boy, I love it. Did you have any questions, anything you'd like to say while you're up there? Okay, so, I mean, I've been bisexual for for a long time. Okay, take me a long time to get there.

I feel like a lot of homophobia comes from within, unfortunately. Can you maybe address the pressure that bisexuals feel from within and then how can we get better about that? I actually love that you came with this question, because it's one of the subgroups of the lgbtq plus community that kind of encounters some level of phobia, whether it's from Queer people or from mainstream people, and it's trying. Yes, so, yeah, absolutely. It's such a huge issue right by phobia. We see it a lot. I don't know if we haven't actually talked about this, but in addition to the podcast, we also oversee the instagram accounts at lgbt, at Lgbtq, at pride, and the same on Tiktok, and there's generally a lot of that kind of discussion. When people do come out as bisexual and that it's like no, you can't be by it's one or the other, and it's such. I've been I'm an old gay, I'm an old by sexual you know. The thing is that I settled to where I'm at, you know, Sexuality Wise, and this is where I am. I'm a bisexual. I settled there, but I faced a lot of fears throughout my you know, tries and tribulations. I'm only thirty, you know, so it's like going through twenties. Says, UH, somebody who may or may not be bisexual. They go through those tries and tribulations through the gay community and the Gay Community says you're not gay, no, not gay. My Name, you know, was named for me for many years. So Um. So how can we speak to that? I mean I think that bisexuals should speak up because we we get denounced by this community, absolutely and it's something that it's by a razor. It's Bi Phobia. It's something everyone has to stop right because it's just about respect the people and their labels or how they choose to present themselves.

It's all about labels. It's just it's just about who we are. Yeah, no, I agree with you. No labels, just that's who we are and I like that. Well, thank you very much for sharing that, especially pride month. I hope you had a good pride month. I never participate in pride because a lot of homosexual oppression comes in. I dated a guy a few years ago and we dated for five years. Uh, we did pride, but the thing is I never felt it. This is pride what we're talking about right now. Yeah, I can. I could see that. I think it's probably hard to find, hard to find communities, especially depending on where you live in the country and and you know the cities and people that are already around you. Yeah, thanks, black try. I think we have someone else that we just invited to this stage. Um, I just want to say that this subreddit really kind of helped me come to terms with my sexuality and you know, just seeing all the positivity really helped me out. I love that. I've also just added mega forty eight man up to the stage, who you made the comment you read out earlier. Um, and apparently they did a pirate history class in college. So I would love to hear more about that. Yes, me too. I commented on your comment because I loved your I don't even know what that would be called. That like a pirate rhyme, I'm not sure, but it was on point you were bringing it. How do you how you guys doing with it? Good? Yeah, Hey, thanks for inviting me on. This is my first Reddit podcast I've ever been a part of, and what divine providence it is that it's on the LGBT subreddit. Yes, tell me about this. Your pirate your pirate class that you had. That's great. So did they cover queer things? Uh, not as much. I did go out of my way to look some stuff up about old monny herself. Uh, we it was so weird. Our pirate history class was...

...a little rushed and the golden age of piracy we were kind of covering. Piracy is throughout history as a whole. We like, even as far back to the Spanish, uh something more the one within like the fifteen hundreds, when they made piracy legal and everyone was like yeah, here, just get a letter and you can do whatever you want. All these pirates were like, all right, sweet, so you're gonna pay us and then we can have our jobs still after the war is over, right. And then all the kingdoms were like, well, no, we don't need you know more sorry, and then all the pirates were like, well, the only thing on my resume is pirates. So and then, you know, yeah, yeah, no, and the golden age of piracy was so fun because I think it's one of the more ornate periods of pirate history. When, I think a lot, you know, a lot of pop culture takes its inspiration to create different media. Yeah, presation so wild because it was a very brief moment of history too. It did not last very long, which a lot of people uh seem to forget. No, I think it was like eighty years or something. It was not very long at all. Yeah, but about a lifetime. Yeah, yeah, exactly. That is so crazy. Well, thank you so much for adding that comment. I really loved it when when you guys started up talking about pirates I got so giddy and I was like yeah, time time for me to make a little ship post. Something else I always wondered. I haven't haven't gone on my way to look this up, though, but and a lot of pirate media, especially the show black sales that I've been watching, they do portray Bonnie as lesbian or by whatever fits their narrative, and they also portrayed, you know, a real person named Calico Jack, a little more effeminine and definitely the Jack Sparrow type, and I've always wondered if there was any kind of historical confirmation on his sexuality. I'm trying to think if I remember her bringing up. I'm honestly pretty sure that we did. It was his name M John Rackham. His actual name was John Rackham, I think correct yeah, yeah,...

...yeah, yeah, yeah. I'd have to honestly go back and listen to the pride episode on pirate history to remember exactly what John Rackham went through, but I do remember him having some very queer moments in his lifetime. Yes, and I think you're right that he was kind of the inspiration for captain all part of it, for Captain Jackson. I wish I remembered kind of the queer things that he did. Off the top of my head. I guess I need to reread that book, but or listen to the PODCAST, but that he may have had queer moments in his pirate career is all the fuel that I need for a pirate fan fiction. I think he had this thing with a metal attage, and I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right, and basically what it was was like the ability to essentially like marry someone of the same sex if you were a pirate, whatever stuff you had, you could kind of like will your things to them, and I think he did have one with another male pirate, which was like a queer marriage essentially. Well, how about that? I love it. Yeah, interesting, yeah, all these pirates and their gay rights. I know. So I guess it's better than the Puritan scrowing in the US. True. Thank you, guys so much for having me on. Thank you. Thank you for sharing it. Do you all have time for one more question, or is that we could do one more branch French? Oh Hi, Um, so I'm bisexual, with being sort of out for a few years now, and I'm just questioning about Pan Sexuality and bisexuality. I've tried looking up but I find it quite confusing to speak to the difference between bisexual yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well, I think it's rudered in bisexuality inherently recognizes the binary right, that there are two genders, essentially right, so that you would somehow be limited to those the binary of biological sex or gender or gender identity, when, in kind of contrast, a pan sexual person is not limited in sexual choice to some one who is, let's say, biologically male or biologically...

...female or identifies as non binary or trans. A PAN sexual person kind of loves the person. I guess you'd say left the person for the person. It's more like this gender blind. I think it's how I would best describe it. And I'm not Pan Sexual, so I can't speak to that from from like experience, but that's my understanding, is that bisexuality is really near along the binary, with Pan Sexuality being that you can find that sex and gender have nothing to do with the factors that make you attracted to, saying sexually or Romantically, Um attracted to, you know, Trans people, anybody's not male female. Bisexual has kind of been expanded to mean, uh, to more so be an umbrella term that covers anything from like pan sexual to omnisexual to etcetera, although it's kept with bisexual, which, you know, a lot of circles typically means only too often refers to anyone who has like, a sexuality or attraction to anything more than one gender. Okay, yeah, just add on to that. You know, like I'm a bisexual person and I just kind of I'd like like the label really, but I feel attraction to like a lot of people, I've just felt like the thing that I feel like makes me bisexual is I have a preference. Yea. Often that's the discerning point, that bisexual has a preference, while pansexual does not. Some people who typically be label as pansexual is not, do not always identify as such and still prefer the label of bisexual. It's like where I find it confusing is that if, say, someone was born a male and then they are trans into a female, I'm sorry, I'm not really give the labels. There's still a female, you know, there are women's and surely it would be on this or bisexual scale, if you know what I'm... The idea is more like other non binary genders, gender or you know right, yeah, yeah, I get that now. Thank you so much. Absolutely. I'm having an express of you day. You too, you too happy pride. So thank you for everyone to joining today and for Levi and the SHAWHAT team for um coming through, and we're so excited for this partnership and to continue the train going in for future episodes for everyone here. We're going to be doing this more. So check out the podcast and come with questions, ideas, comments, all that good stuff and we'll we'll talk about it here live. Awesome. I can't wait. Thank you very much.

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