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Introducing QUEEN OF HEARTS: a new kind of blind dating game show, hosted by Jujubee (RuPaul’s Drag Race, Dragnificent). The Queen of our hearts guides singles through a series of sexy games and challenges to see if they can find their one true love-for-now. Sure to make you laugh, follow QUEEN OF HEARTS wherever you get your podcasts. Or you can listen early on Amazon Music or early and ad-free by subscribing to Wondery Plus in Apple Podcasts or the Wondery app:

Like most of you, I've watched a few dating game shows in the past, but there's a new one that just came out from wondering called Queen of Hearts that I think you should check out. Queen of Hearts is a unique dating show that gives you a front row seat to hear all the incredible highs and cringeworthy lows of modern dating. And I say here because contestants only get to use their voice to Seduce one lucky suitor. Host and rupauls drag race veteran jujub is stripping away her contestants fake tans, six pack ABS and movie star smiles to focus on what really matters, how good they are in the booth. At the end of each episode, you'll find out who is one step closer to love and who's headed back to the APPS. You're about to listen to a clip of queen of hearts. While you listen, be sure to follow queen of Hearts wherever you get your podcasts, or you can listen early on Amazon music or early and add free by subscribing to wondery plus in apple podcasts or the wonder e APP. Let's turn this up. We're going... play morally bankrupt and find out what horrible things you'd do for money. It can be very telling. Okay, Rishid you get to go first for one HUNDREDZERO dollars. Would You only pee in sinks for the next nine months? We can talk this through. For UN thousand dollars. Yes, I Would Definitely Pee and sinks for a Hundredzeros, for escept for a right, for nine months. Nine months. Yeah, and this is not just at home. We're shod. This is like if you are at a fast food place and you got to go, you have to use the sink. You have to pee in a sink. I'm a clean person, so I will pe in a sink for the nine months for the hundred thousand, but I'll clean up after my would I will? I will disinfect. Yeah, I'm not going to leave it, I'm not going to be try for it. I'm a clean it up, but I'm a pianist sank, though. You would. I'm a pan to sank. Yeah, I would do that for fifteen dollars to be really honest. Okay, you gotta go, you gotta...

...go. Okay, back Pete and other places. Oh Oh baby, I okay, real talk. I've done it for free and I think, yes, I think, I'm believe that it was in my sink. It's okay. See, okay, Kevin, this one's for you. For Two hundred and FIFTYZERO dollars, would you pierce your ears, Nipples, Septum and genitals in one session for two hundred Fiftyzero? MMM, yea, I will do it. You would do it? Yeah, I will do it. You took a minute to think about that, though. What I had to thank for a minute. Well, crossing. It was my genital's part. It was the last part. I was like wait, well, if can I ask really personal question, got ahead. If you were going to pierce your genital, what part of it would you piers? I'm not good at like the words of anatomy, but it's like the base, the head, like...

...the suit. If your disc rout them, the Grindall, probably the scrow dom dicot them, because everything else just, I feel like, would look weird, Rye, Rye, just a little ring dangling down there. That could be a thing. Oh, wich, I do you like that? I think I had act that was pierced. That could be a thing. Oh, and finally, this one's for you, Adrian. David for five million dollars. That's real cash. Okay, I'd give it to you in like quarters or something. Girl, you better not. I want hundreds. You want hundreds. Okay, but here's the thing. Adrian David, for five million dollars, would you give a hand job to a random rock hard D in a dark room if there's a thirty three percent chance it was a relative? Yes, have you, I believe the fifth. We all have a cousin story, right, oh my gosh,.

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