Introducing "Doing Great With Vicky Vox"

Episode · 2 years ago

Introducing "Doing Great With Vicky Vox"


Join renegade drag queen Vicky Vox for the interview show with a twist - she uses tarot and hot-takes to answer guests' questions about their own lives. Or at least that’s the plan. Tune in for fabulous pop culture, moments of shame, and the fringiest of conspiracy theories - we’re a safe space for Alien abductees. Vicky wants to hear about people turning their difference into their greatest strength – like she did with drag. Striking the balance between meaningful discussion and wild night out, Vicky Vox wants you to know that you are Doing Great.

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Hey Pride listeners, this is Lee by. I hope you're enjoying our six part series on the queer history of the United States. Will have a new episode for your next week, but today I wanted to share something extra special with you. It's an exciting new podcast from earwolf and drag superstar Vicki box, called doing great with Vicki box. It's basically an interview show with a twist. Vicky box uses Tarot cards and hot takes to answer guest questions about their lives. Well, at least that's the goal. If you're into pop culture, awkward stories and bizarre conspiracy theories, doing great with Vicki box is sure to be Your Cup of tea. In a second we're going to hear a clip from the show, but first search for doing great with Vicki box wherever you get your podcast, and don't forget to hit subscribe so you don't Miss an episode. Okay, here's a taste of what's to come. On doing great with Vicki box. Okay, over here. These are factors that...

...are affecting your curt situated. In order to get to the best outcome, a lot of heart. It's a lot of hard. You got a lot of feelings going out. So the step in the art is the mystery and the emotions in the fields and stead. Well, we are not mystery, but not like you're going to have oddmty, though, but if a mystery do you oh mystery, though, there's a lot going on over we're gonna keep moving on the cards and Ima come back to the mystery bullshit, okay, because look, actually, no fucking I was watching the documentary this weekend what one eating. I don't even know what it was. It was like somebody's talk of at some like alien exbo thing, and they were talking about the like history of the earth and how the earth used to be bigger than it is now. See, between Earth and whatever the next planet is, there's an asteroid belt. Get into this, okay, now that you did...

...not used to be there. The Earth needs to take up both of the spaces. Until it was hit by something and split and the part that came off for earth turned into the asteroid belt and then earth is over here. Just keep going and that's creating shit. And they also says that the moon was not the moon, that we had a time on earth where there was in a moon and they put the moon into orbit. Whose names, I'm the same people that hit the earth with thing this people from Mars. You know how they talk about Reptilia, people, and I mean do you know that they talk about replearly every people. You see what I see? I'm just saying this is something somebody who just believes very strongly and wrongly enough you to have conferences all this stuff. No, I mean, I don't necessarily believe it, but I do believe that if they just believe it right, I do believe if it's true for someone, then it is true for them. It doesn't have to be true for me. That's not my life, that's not my reality. That's on them. I hope they get into it,...

...but they've all kinds of stuff with that, like we can come back that. It's just very weird and very confusing. The like history we've been taught. It's not the whole history, it's right part of the history. And I tell you what we know and how dare we've been told by other people that don't even know anything. The stoy right, for what they do know is only to like keep us this closed minded so that they could keep moving forward on what they need to do and not laugh. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Oh, I want to tip. That's okay. Anyway, back to these card okay, over here, in the position of external influences that is messing with your life, we have the king of diamond. Now the King of diamond. But this is very you girl, you gonna get into this selfmade business owner, encouraging, enjoys fruits of labor and Jolly. Oh, I sure deal, but what the hell is that doing in your external influences all? I don't know. Maybe I'm just being externally influenced by... own spending and my own celebrating of myself. I mean that's how I signal. Is that, though? That's how people see. Definitely how my sister Seas Green as as old money bucket, not money buckets, which is like, you need to come down. I know that you like to take care of yourself, but you have a lot of fields to pay. You do like to take care of yourself. How are the Maser facial? I do. Well, you know what the thing is? I've been I like the people who have been doing all my aunt layers are work and everything. We worked at a really cure steal. So I'm not really I'm interested to listen, I want to know. I want my whole face. Researcher. Oh that's what they're doing. That on the third of January, and I'm so excited, like they were doing nothing but like a little front all with lasers. Uh Huh Lee, just as I can like go back to work the next day. But that's what I'm going to take off, like a full layer of skin and I must be down for a minute, down for like at least a week, which is great. Just curious. What would you do with yourself the week you're recovering from your face left left? What... your go to comfort? Moll man, it's not a face left. First of all, a laser resurfacing. My bad. Okay, so should I repose the question? Are The facelift? Why do you come later? Hold up, that's in the spring. Oh, at least there's a plan for facelift. Is it a full facelift or mark and face left? No, I'm just doing I'm actually just pulling my hair lined down. That's what a facelift at the hairline, but I know it creates a lift. Oh, I do. Okay. Well, what do you plan on doing for your recovery. Where you are be, you got to do okay. Well, anyone, pick one and just tell me how great it is ahead. What I'm doing? Well, for this the laser resurfacing, I'm literally just going to be at home and by watching TV and hang out with the kids. That's all I wish I watch. I don't know, and I you know what I've been really wanting to get it for. It is so I could re watch the xmen cartoon series. But it is, Oh my God good. But which is that? Whitney Houston's are available. Yeah, it...

...completely is, really totally. What was that show? There was something with a groshery bowled at which just had the full reddist ass bing bitch. I want that to be you time. I want you to show up with your Gucci's own. Well, I'm definitely tuning in to hear the rest of that. If you are to check out ear wolf's newest show, doing great with Vicki box, available on your favorite podcast APP.

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