From Political Trail to Party Boy

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From Political Trail to Party Boy


Meet Jordan Stawecki. He's the formerly self appointed "it boy" of the New York nightlife scene. Even though he might be living in LA now, it doesn't change the fact that his career started as an intern for Obama. So just what took from from the political trail to the party scene? Like you and I, it may be more relatable than you think. Listen to all of LGBTQ+U shows on New shows are popping up all the time. Follow Straw Hut on instagram for the latest news! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Straw media. When you were growing up, your parents likely taught you that there were two things you were not to discuss at the dinner table or with guests, religion and politics. Why is that, though? Are we so afraid of either our own opinion or the opinion of others that we intentionally avoid the conflict of disagreement? These days, that seems to be the norm. If you find yourself in a political argument, seek the nearest exit. But what if, instead of just exiting, you jump ship completely and became a party animal? Maybe the political path was so rigorous that, as you started discovering your sexuality, you realized the Party scene was way more your speed. That's Jordan Steveki, former Obama campaign in turn, current it boy. I'M LEA by chambers and from Straw hut media. This is lgbtq plus you. Cheers, cheers. Thank you for coming. Thank you for having me. My Name is Jordan Seveki, twenty four. Just moved February from New York, originally from DC East work, from politics, then I got to nightlife in New York and nominally trying to figure out my life. Jordan is was the formerly self appointed it boy of the New York nightlife scene. I maybe would have set that previously, but now I'm much more down to Earth. So, okay, what would you had to get that title? And No, I meant I would give myself that. Like you know, had twink in charge, for sure. I nightlife might seem like a silly notion to you, but to some it's a serious business and whatever you do, don't call them club kids. I just don't. I don't know. The terms very off putting for me. I prefer social life. Jordan went from the political trail to the New York nightlife scene and now he's in La. It's infamous. It's like, you know, it's more on par of like, not Berlin, but, like you know, I was not on the same spectrum. Right, like in new Ark you have like Anand Lapoor, like people who are like I really see? Yeah, right, yeah, at least different. I mean there's certainly like nightlife by concert, but I feel like Ala is essentially Rehab for New Yorkers. So you're in Rehab, is what you're saying? Yeah, yeah, I just couldn't pay for the real thing. He might be in Pseudo Rehab now, Aka not in rehabit all. But it doesn't change the fact that his background is in politics. I hope this was your look, like with the Cross and then never ring, but likely not. No, I wish it was too, but you know, you have to like tone everything down, and I think that's why I'm so rebellious and provocative now, because that was like you just put on a...

...facade and that was I worked in politics when I was coming out of high school, in high school with my first campaign and turned on. So it was like I wasn't much different person. I was like eighteen and living in Virginia and like PREPPI and like trying to fit into this mold of the person that I wasn't. So can you say who it was? What that you worked at my first campaign? Yeah, for Obama. So your image is very provocative, but behind the scenes you really enjoyed in turning on the Obama campaign. Course. Yeah, to know Jordan, just to see Jordan is to know he really owns who he is. That was like all or nothing. I'm a Faga here. I don't know. I was always really into fashion, but I kind of like held back. But I mean it's also a lot more accessible in New York. I just really like all my money would go to designer clothes and just like, you know, like thrifting, and just like I could love couples truly. But I mean, once I had that wardrobe, it was much easier to like extracts himself in a proper way. To a lot of people, Jordan might look like a boundary pusher, whether it be in fashion or informalities. The words he chooses to describe himself, a certain F word, aren't necessarily ones everybody might find appropriate. But when you're looking to stand out in a noisy world, isn't that the point? I just I love the word. I don't it's it's something I've been called many a time, so I feel like I'm certainly allowed to say I'm sure that's offensive to some people. I don't know. I just with my experience being called it's like when I'm called, it's because I'm like walking on the street and like, you know, you know, looking like why? It's like, you know, I've always want to get a tattooed on me. It's just like a part of me. It's like a part of my experience. I don't I don't see any negative connotation with it. I think there's a certain words that we shouldn't say, but I just don't want to have such negative connotations with words and like give them that much power. For me, it's a power of thing, if you like make it that powerful. And you know, the debate on words will be ongoing forever. What can and can't we say and why? But culturally, the value of reclaiming a word gives the power back to those who once had the power wielded against them. And for a lot of people it's always going to be a hot button topic. But shouldn't we measure the impact of a word based on either the injury it might cause or the celebration it may inspire? To be proud of the image you've created for yourself, including its many nomenclatures, both socially acceptable and not, is what makes us unique, and authenticity is the only way life is worth living. So what does that mean in today's world? People like just in cancel culture. It's like you say one thing. It's like people, you have to understand. People grow, people learn, people go, you know, go through it's like, yeah, some people should be canceled, absolutely, but like it, you got to learn to forgive and like let people progress. Not everyone's at the same place that you.

And what about the politics of today's world? Even that can be exhausting. With your experience in politics, I mean I kind of, you know, forced you into not forced you, but it inspired you to change your life and kind of, like you said, take a risk. Right, elite, how are the politics of today like today? You know, trump said that the main reason he doesn't think trains people should be in the militaries because they take too many meds. Like it's crazy, right, it's a lot. It's I used to be of mind that, like I was so offended when people were not engaged. And No, I'm kind of I mean I am engaged, but I'm so like, like by it all. Could just like, you know, I roll, but I used to be so engaged and so bothered when people weren't, but I could truly get it. Now it's so off putting and it just like blows my mind. I can't even like articulate. Yeah, you know, but even, but not just for the Republican with Democrats to it's like they cannot get their shit together. It's like I don't understand what's going on and I'm so tired people are so aligned with one part and I just think it's such bullshit, like have your own opinions. Don't be such like straight ticket. It's you can't be that way. Minds don't work that way, right. You're not over you're not going to agree with every policy. And that's what people do and they were just brainwash the watch the news and they listen to whatever and like they don't make their own opinions. I feel like social media as a plays a big part in that. It's just like everybody is in the Society of like like, you know, following each other's ideas, not really creating their own and they don't want to, and I'm just I'm not like that. We're in like a retweet society where it's like, oh, yeah, that's my policy, tweet, make your own fucking tweets. Like and in this climate, relationships in any environment can be difficult. I do get destructed by voice very easily. I mean it's natural for me. I got that from my mother. She's always relied on men. But ideally know, if it happens, sure, but I don't. Everyone had dated here. It's it's been nice, but I also like don't like being treated well, you know, sometimes in others we see a desire to be mistreated. There's a fun, playful way of talking about it, as if everyone, to a certain degree, has their faults and appreciates the faults in others. But as a country there's a general sense of us being mistreated by the current administration, that the LGBTQ plus community is one of the central targets of an entire political party. And for Jordan, his desire to get involved in politics came from his own personal struggles of being mistreated. My child was very dark, very broken home. My father wasn't say. He died in like a free text so his way home from overseas, and I was in like first grade. My mother was... kind of like the center of our family and she like did everything, like held to the holidays, cooked, is the best cook and she's like the matriarch of the family, so to speak. And when he died kind of like lost it a little. And then my grandmother got cancer, her mom died a few months later. She'd really like you know, sent her into a dark place and then she met my stepfather and he was very pieceive, just boff and had a very tricked up ringing. From that point on with him in my life. He has military. I was like, if I put my elbows on the table, was like decked in the face, very, very stricted up ringing. So it kind of like, I don't know it was. There was a lot to do all as a child. When others force us to hide from ourselves, within many of us it creates a void that becomes nearly impossible to fill. We aren't allowed to exist as we are and are made to live behind a mask fashioned by the choices of others, and that's a fashion style no one can wear forever. I mean because I would, I would go so far as to like every mannerism, the way I moved my hands, the way I spoke, like everything was so contrived, which mentally and physically like well, drain you. That's that's advice I have. I don't know if that pertains to New York, but like don't, don't do it. Just like fucking be yourself, because that that will really put you in a dark place, not a good dark place. That really is the worst thing for me is just try to like mask myself. It might be a surprise that on the political trail is where he finally decided to take the mask off. I got a job on the gubernatorial race and Virginia we won. I've worked on like seven or eight campaigns throughout Virginia. Then DC and I we lost the primary in northern Virginia, like outside of DC, and I was like terrified to move back home because I was just like becoming comfortable being gay, you know, and like that was the first time in my life where I didn't it. It's not like our one uped everyone, like I'm gay, you know. It's the first time I if it came up, but of course you know. And so it was like a transition period for me. It's amazing what happens when we stopped carrying the weight on our shoulders placed by other people, and the person who comes through on the other side of that internal struggle might not make others happy, but it brings joy to the self. There's a photo on your instagram where you're wearing like it's like chains, sort of all but on your face and it kind of covers your eyes, your nose, your mouth, everything. Yeah, like it would not be a functional look. And No, no, there's not a lot of functional things about fashion or looks. So would you say it's more like suggestive of the persona as opposed to like who you are in reality? It's like my highest form, you know, it's like my idea, like, I mean, I would dress like that every day, absolutely, but you know, you get a lot of dirty looks people, people aren't comfortable with themselves. They can't handle that much glamor. Okay, so how does if this is day, where? How does this...

...affect like your day to day, like going to the grocery store in the best root? There is nothing I love more than like waking up. I've a also think I love that lace, the space. I'm gorgeous walking closet. I like wake up a going and I'm just like, you know, looking through the rock of like everything that I've collected, and it's like I've my closer, my baby. It's like I'd collect clothes like people collect stamps. That's how dated. Maybe a very expensive staying. I don't know what people collect anymore. Yeah, my clothes are everything. Jordan is a walking runway show at all times, but it brings him joy and gives value to his State of being. And really, isn't that the highest goal in life? So you have your you told me this is your day. Look, and I mean it's intense. It's got button open, a blazer, thrift in sin do your pants? O My Gosh, I love that. You're like red carpet ready, like who are you wearing tonight? Is But despite finding himself in fashion, what was the thing that put him off of politics? I was very put off by and I think that really just like, you know, jaded me and I, being eighteen, working like twelve hour days, like seven, like you work so hard when you're working on campaigns. It's you have a deadline, you're getting somebody elective. It's not you don't get days off. I mean, yeah, there was. I was working all the time since I was out of high school. Like I graduated and I was like I got the job on the governor's campaign on my boss is like take off like spence time of your family. You just graduate as like now, I won't start now. was so into it, I we were. I was so, you know, determined to move to New York. My family was like I my aunt, I grew like my aunt took meriend and my mom like fully lost it. My I was like they're like realist they're very just like, you know, they've settled on living in Virginia and not they don't like it, but they just did there. I don't get it. There's a lot of that like mentality in America, just like you don't take risks and leaps and they're like no, it's not going to happen, like it's just too expensive, like don't do it. And then I did a I got a job in a week and I moved there like five hundreds. Just horrifying. And the campaign we were working against the incombat and his name was Michael Grim. He hasn't died on twenty pounts of fraud and he was just facing jail. He's gonna go to jail and he beat US still, even though, and then he went to jail like two weeks later, but he did's even a video of him, like look it up. It's amazing on Youtube. It's like Michael Graham like threatening a reporter and he's like the reporter confronts some about the twenty indictments and he's like I'm gonna he didn't know who's being recorded and you see the reporter's face when he comes back to him and the reporters petrified, like because he's like Macho Italian, like state island. He's like I'm going to break you in half like a little boy and like throw you off the Rotunda there on capital Hell. And nonetheless, just like you can't even like wrap your mind around it and you still beat us because it's Satin Island and Southern Brooklyn are incredibly conservative and just like this very weird sect of a America that's like I'm from the south and...

...even I was thrown off and from there. For Jordan, it was all or nothing, from social action to socialite. I like really rebelled after that because I was becoming gay, but I was kind of constrained by politics and I was like this weird dynamic and you can't post anything on social media and it's all behind the scenes. It's like drugs and like everyone's hooking up and it's just like it's a lot. It's like, I would say, even crazier than nightlife I experienced. And politics behind the scenes, but in front of the like to the public, you have to you know, you can't be like that. So I think nightlife I was kind of so repressed. In politics, I was like ready to party and you just needed to do something else. Yeah, escape and yeah, and, like I said, that was by where of friends, because I was going out with my friends all the time and they were getting paid for it. I was like, well, I want to if I'm going out as much like sorry, started hosting part of the this. That's give a great money doing that. You. Yeah, absolutely. I mean there's so many parties and if you're like on top of your game, I mean yeah, certainly. And if you haven't heard it by now, you might be wondering if you're hearing the real Jordan's toveck or the Jordan he's created. I mean certainly, you put up nightlife. A lot of people have a personality, persona. I mean when you drink a little, an accent comes on. You know it happens. Buzzie Lowen would agree. Yeah, exactly. She becomes like Armenian. I love it. I wish I was not permitted. I at a little Russian, but that's for my family, I think. Yeah, being in the scene, sometime you know you're partying so much, sometimes you get a reputation that speaks volumes. So did you have a good reputation or a bad reputation. It's depends you talk to very it maybe more in the bad side. Not Bad, isn't that? But like Taylor swift, bad reputation and certain you know, even on social media, where everyone assumes the Glitz and Glam is happening in the moment, every moment, branding is key. You've built up quite like the instagram following and I would say your instagram is very it's like an don't take offense. It's like an artistic rendition of how you would want people to perceive that party person persona. It's not like a clear representation of me. I mean it's social media rights all the facade, and I'm good. I know my brand and I know my character that I like to portray. I like definitely gotten that down. But stepping into a personality in which you feel most comfortable isn't necessarily living in a fabricated world. When you're forced to hide away the majority of your life, learning that you can create your own highest form of self and step into it is one of the most rewarding things you could achieve. But it's hard to keep anything up forever, even if it's fun, because change truly is the only constant in anyone's life. New York changes. New York can be like really fun and like, you know, the center of every thing, but then it can kind of... goes through like waves of like grou which I think is natural for like progression of anything kind of has to suck for a while to be like the best, and that's kind of the point when I left. I don't know what it's like now. I think also I got older. It's not as few. You do something for five years and it's not as fun after the fifth year. You know, I've done this, done everything. It's like I want to experience new things. There's so much to do in life. But before Lah one of his friends won a season of a certain hit TV show and it took them around the world. My friend one drag race and we was a cray and we I was her assistant. We toured the world. We went to like twenty countries in the past year. That was right before I moved to La that was crazy and itself as well. I'd never really traveled that much. Twenty countries amazing. And we pauls drag race takes people from being drag Queens to being superstars. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So. was that crazy seen your friend kind of transcend to that position? I mean, I just I still feel the same way. She's a dumb bitch, but I always knew it was in the cards for her. Everyone always asked and even like three years before, I was like, yeah, she's gonna win when she goes on, and that was yeah, she was determined to be on it. Like you know, I knew her well enough to know, so it wasn't ever surprising to me. And finally he settled in La maybe settled isn't the right word for someone like Jordan, who is constantly on the go, but knowing that the path word finding himself started in politics, it'd be hard to imagine him never getting the edge to going back. I would get back into politics, but on a different not working campaigns, more like lass roots for like maybe something like a fundraising thing for like lgbt rights, something along those lines. So, Inh his words, what can any of us do to get involved in being a force for positive change? Volunteer, like everybody has a lot of free time on a character. WH You are, you're at one point you're sitting on your phone. Volunteer. I don't know. Write your local congressman, leave them a voice smail. You can do that. I don't. It may not make a difference to you, but actions speak louder than words. I will always be I want let's not I'm not ever gonna like turn a blind eye to it because I think it's so vital and like I just I think, more on like a local side of it. I like wish people focus on like local elections and stuff, you know, not just like nationalize. I feel like and I don't like how people are on social media, where they're just like, you know, social media wars. It's like, do something, don't don't just sit on. You're not doing that much by bitching on social media. Do something. So thank you so much for being here today. If listeners want to follow along with your journey, where can they find you? You can find me on Instagram at Stawe C ki x, and then twitter is stoicky as well, with three x has x X. it's pridebunt, not...

...just in our country but around the world. What does it mean to you or to others to be out and proud? Life, despite a certain set of people trying to make it as such, is definitely not a straight path. It twists and turns and curves and bends. It, like water, is fluid, and the route between two points could take you places you might never have thought you'd find yourself. Maybe politics, maybe nightlife, fashion or anywhere in between. But regardless of where your life takes you, isn't it about the journey? So today and every day, celebrate you. Celebrate your ups and downs and twists and turns. Celebrate taking the road less traveled, celebrate all that you've learned along the way, because, deep down we all know just traversing a trail that's already been blazed by others is super fucking boring. Knock down those walls and leap before you look. Take a chance on yourself. You might fall, but what if you fly? LGBTQ plus you is brought to you by Straw hut media. If you like the show, don't forget to rate US ON APPLE PODCASTS and be sure to leave us a review. The show can be found all across social media at LGBT, at LGBTQ and at pride. Yes, those handles are us. If you'd like to check out more of our great shows, give us a look at Straw Hut Mediacom and you can find me on social at Le by chambers or at Gaiety. Our producers are will sterling and Ryan Tillotson. This episode was written, engineered and edited by will sterling. Those fellows can be found at will sterling underscore and at Ryan Tillotson. Do you have an interesting lgbtq plus life story? Email us your adventures in detail at Lgbtq at Straw Hut Mediacom.

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